The Teatox

With dog on lap I commence the tale of the week prior, the highs, the lows and the importance of the ‘teatox’.

So it was on that Sunday before when a strange revelation occurred. I remembered why it was that I gave up the dreamy taste of two sugars in tea. A couple of years back I was diagnosed with Benign Essential Tremor and to find a way to minimise the consistent shake no sugar was taken in tea. Miraculously it worked and with it my sleep improved. Due to the passing of the time this story was forgot. Only when noticing the dreadful sleep and wake ups that has plagued me the last few weeks did I notice the only correlation being the new tea drinking habits. Sadly… It appears said correlation was correct, for now having stopped drinking tea altogether sleep has become regular, easier and far far more satisfying. Not only that but getting up has become extraordinarily easier. Hard to describe the difference but I’m sure we all know it from  one variable to another.

Now with the teatox explained Monday begins with the search for a career in this job focused world. Heading to Purple Door, Portsmouth University’s job centre, I was immediately assigned with an interviewer who was wonderfully helpful and got me to a jobs page in seconds to find what would fit. Service here is fantastic, apparently recently improved. To all you Pompey Uni students or potentials reading this: Go to Purple Door. Either way there were some good part-time opportunities which I have now applied for. The service also offers entrepreneurial help and volunteering opportunities, not worth overlooking!

Also worth mentioning was a fantastic psychology experiment I had the chance to be involved in where we were selected for being actors. We were to test a psychology test which some researchers suggest is capable of discerning those who have certain conditions and those who do not. Was absolutely fascinating, fun and I got £10 from it which is brilliant.

Not only was that important mission completed but The Last of Us was to. A fantastic game with an unsatisfying end yet a fitting conclusion, as agreed upon by many. It somewhat breaks momentum meanwhile making sense within the story itself. Far from the perfect game many people call it I can safely say it is excellent and if you do have a PS3/4 definitely pick it up. Also to my excitement a flatmate of mine made me a salad. I can safely say it was the best salad I have ever had but unfortunately being away from the flat cannot inform all you good folks the secret recipe to such a great salad. Just remember to add beetroot.

To get to the actual degree we have more on the defining games section where we started with our lecturer’s own research into the definition of an RPG (Role-playing Game) because the spectrum of games is so broad and no-one really knows when a game is or isn’t an RPG anymore. We then had a look at different genres and how there’s no definitive ‘taxonomy’ (order or division) in gaming. Despite there being accepted norms and tropes they aren’t definitive due to the amount of variants.

Tuesday was the first day which my timetable had been updated, luckily everyone else’s was correct and they were on the ball meaning I could turn up undisturbed. What I hadn’t been on the ball of was the washing which, having just recently been washed, was still left in my basket and therefore not dried. Of course I knew of the effects of leaving washing not to dry but it unfortunately meant another wash for the same clothes. Costing me £3 which, in my books, is quite the waste. At least the 3D modelling lecture was interesting as it explained polygonal mesh and how actually triangles are the most used and perhaps efficient method of modelling rather than polygons. To make and describe polygons one needs the vertices listed and then the polygon list to piece together the vertices, which need to be counted anti-clockwise for the computer to know its placement and order correctly. In games, alternative models are made rendered in lower resolutions for different distances to lower memory usage. All of which is interesting and more technical which is great to see.

Wednesday was my first proper student representative meeting which went rather well. It was incredibly interesting when it got into it unfortunately though for the first quarter I struggled with being rather ready for a nap but once the conversation proved engaging I started readily supplying input. The turnout was more than expected and there were plenty of people in the room so thankfully my first impression went unnoticed. Prior to this however I had a wonderful tutor meeting to sort out this week off and it went brilliantly. My tutor was incredibly supportive and continued to supply solid advice to see what we could do to get the most out of the course. Wednesday was also the first night of “As You Like It”, the Shakespeare play, and it went marvelously.

Thursday was also good with the teatox really kicking in by now and me being up and ready for the art lecture. The lecturer was mighty pleased to see me which was really nice and the session itself went swimmingly with a successful charcoal drawing of our life model lying down. This was also the day I settled on which job was most important and that is the potential as a Youth Teacher at the King’s Theatre to teach drama. This fits my plans perfectly so the application was worked on and sent as soon as possible. To add to this, one of the backstage hands in “As You Like It” works at the Kings so was happy to drop me a line. Here’s hoping!

Finally to Friday where we had a games tech meeting which was extremely successful and has laid out the plans till December as to where we wish to take the game. More details in the Games Tech Demo Blog in the BSc Computer Games Technology section of this website. It also lead to the completion of our design document which means we have fully decided how the game will be in the finished product which is excellent. Friday was also a chance to attend another 3D modelling lecture which I noticed I had the energy for and therefore jumped on that bandwagon, or train as the lecture involved stretching and angling a train as it moved along a set path. It was not too difficult and was interesting, 3D modelling does tickle me so we’ll see if it takes off on this journey.

Anyway that’s all for today and also all for the dog who noticed her tummy was not being stroked enough and therefore jumped away to lie in her bed. Her name is Jessie and she is a Jack Russel Terrier. She’s wonderful!

Now the show is over and the week of rest commences onwards and upwards the road now trots.

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