The Final Straw

Another week has flown by and this time a rather great one aside from an initially appalling Wednesday.

The beginning of week 11, would you believe it, starts with a drop-in session of Define Games to check how our work progress is. Unfortunately I went two steps forward and five steps back when we were told that the games design document we create for coursework must both be an original ip and singleplayer. Booting both my current plans out of the door. At least there are a couple of ideas which do come to mind but nothing as thrilling and appealing as both of these.

At least five of us reserved a house that very same day. It was a wonderful experience as we got the house sorted in one fell swoop. We went through “Bernards” the Estate Agent. Despite warnings of using letting agents, and an estate agent thankfully not being exactly a letting agent, we decided to take the leap simply for convenience. So instead of arguments on location and issues in stress and panic we simply met up and sorted it in a four day chunk.

We also managed to get some art-work done with more of Sir Daniel Fortesque in his modern form being created, this should be up in my portfolio next year.

Another exciting part of the day was… I took a singing lesson. Sure it was for free but I had planned it and worked on it. Initial worry went as his voice, having never had an official lesson, genuinely improved and not only that but quite significantly. This experience kept me high for Tuesday and gave me the motivation to make two more singing lessons for this coming week. The day ended with a lot of brilliant chatting and conversation and a plan for this coming weeks “coding week” as I’ve called it… Oh the joys.

Tuesday got off to a strange start as it was mighty hard to get out of bed. At least the building works outside provided incentive as the drilling vibrated continuously through-out the morning. Lots was to be done today but at least it would all be good. First off there was the lecture on 3D modelling which involved lots of kittens on the powerpoint due to the intermediary high-intensity mathematics work. Luckily this was not all necessary for the later exam but worth recognising when going into the industry. The German lecture in the evening was good as well, the course had some nice feedback from us students which pleased the lecturer. What was most exciting about Tuesday was the LAMDA lesson. Which set me off with a dozen play-scripts to sift through and decide which ones should be learnt for the exams at the end. Who you know not and not what you know is what they say and it is most true! As a lovely friend from a previous show is a LAMDA instructor and put me straight through to Grade 8, who’d have thunk.

So having not collated notes for the rest of the week this will all be off the back of my head! I haven’t had to use that in a while…!?

Wednesday went off to an appalling start as referenced above. I woke early, after an incredibly late night, at least for me, being two o clock in the morning. This early rise was intended for an Enterprise lecture which I was anticipating all week. Yet from the moment of rising I found my clothes to still be wet despite being hung up and tumble-dried. This drove me absolutely nuts, a feeling I haven’t felt in a while. Frustration boiled to anger. After a few hurried and angry text conversations, which never help, I went to meet my Dad. That was positive and led to the buying of a new North Face coat. So that was good. What was more interesting however is the fact that he’d be off to Syria that evening and into Aleppo after only 24 hours notice of being invited. Always a strange experience to know this but I knew he’d be alright. My first proper sing with the University Choir was lovely but then when arriving at boxing all prepared, early and ready to eat my lunch I found I lacked my wallet… This made me run back to the flat and retrieve some cash for the lesson. On return there was neither time to be prepared or to eat the previously prepared food due to having missed all boxing sessions due to eating. So I furiously ate my sandwiches and headed on up to, thankfully, a good Boxing session. Afterwards it was necessary to chill out.

Thursday began with the usual Image Creation session, and again I forgot something and had to run back for some images which I had printed for the lecture. At least the lesson went well enough with some more drawing of Sir Dan. He needs to be finished soon but unfortunately I’m not finding enough time to put too much work into him. After the lecture it was time to drive to a good friend with whom I’d worked on the music video. We had a good lengthy chat and a cup of tea which was much needed. The day ended with a fireworks display at Goodwood after a year wrap-up party with the other Goodwood Actors. It was a rather pleasant and yet constant day.

Friday continued that endless trend as it began with a 9-12 lecture on being a Graduate in the Games Industry. It was extremely interesting and actually really fired me up for being involved as a Games Producer later down the line. The role suited me very well and so perhaps that’ll be the direction in which is taken?

After this lecture we did find out that our presentations, 10% of our Tech Demo mark, was due on Monday 12th at 13:30. A lot of gulps later a lot of work got done and so over the week myself and a team member cracked down on the presentation and are now feeling comfortable with it.

It then was time to fetch my new glasses from Petersfield which look much better, but it does come with a rather hefty price. A trip back to home in the meantime led to an evening meal of Pizza before trundling off to a friend’s party. For a Computer Games Technology student it was strange to not have turned on a computer in 2 and 1/2 days! The friend’s party was great fun and helped me find White Sambuca which is the drink I’d been looking out for after 2 years ago tasting it in Greece and not being able to get the name of it.

I don’t usually indulge in Saturday/Sunday but it is highly course related. Saturday involved a trip to Portchester Castle, as explained in a new section inside “BSc Computer Games Technology” on this website titled: “3D Modelling Artefact Research”. It’ll be about the artefact creation, which should be fun. After that I did 5 hours straight work on the presentation. This was an amazing feat for me and I am indeed mighty pleased with it.

Sunday involved more consistent work on the presentation with a Tech Demo partner who’ll also be reading through sections of it. So now we are all set for tomorrow.

Wish us luck and you’ll find out what’s happened next week!

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