So this’ll be more of an update than a traditional run-down like usual. As I’ve begun to lose track of the individual days and what happens. Sadly the last few weeks have left me mostly questioning. As stated earlier the Modelling and Coding really isn’t a personal preference. For me it is the philosophical conceptualisation of art, the generation of ideas and the necessity for a group effort that draws appeal. ┬áIt began to become apparent that despite this course touching on that those aspects of the Games Industry can be entered through other means. Yet looking at other options there are no other choices which hold broad appeal. I could, potentially, study Classics, Philosophy, Ancient History, Politics, Drama and/or Musical Theatre. These are a few of many major passions. Speaking with the University Tutor though he was suggesting how, especially the first year, and even the later years are about discovering that. It is lucky, in essence, that I know where to go now. That would be a Design or Producer role. This was known earlier to however it is simply a question of whether this was the direction to continue to reach that goal. Sadly it’ll be tough but he did also say that it isn’t about getting the best mark or doing the best model. It’s about the experience, the qualification and the industry involvement through the access given to you. It is true that the industry access from this University is unparalleled, just sometimes when in the midst of a storm of assignments involving meticulous computing tasks this gets lost.

In any case sadly coding is still on the back-burner and 3D modelling is slowly coming but incredibly slowly. However according to the lecturers identifying these problems and faults is half the battle and thankfully at least we know I can write with some degree of competency. So let’s get to it.

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