Modelling Next Year

Two weeks and no Blog, yet strangely it feels like I wrote the last one yesterday.

Despite a lot happening sadly almost none of it is written down. It’s all gotten rather on top of me, thankfully in a positive way.

Therefore let’s run through the important bits:

Boxing has become a serious priority, lots of effort and training is now going into it and it is paying off already physically as well as mentally. This is extremely exciting though it sadly does not leave much time to anything aside from Boxing and the course.

Speaking of the course I took a moment away from it to settle into this new regimen however that does not mean it is dead. After the amazing Game Jam in which we made the game “Homefire” ( and my birthday I returned to find a skewed sleep pattern but all things considered a surprisingly good week. The Enterprise Lectures were all attended and they were excellent. The Boxing practices went solidly including Friday’s Sparring which saw a much cleaner fight from my end.

The Friday 3D modelling class also proved productive with a great chat involving my Tutor about next year’s tasks. They seemed to have little concern despite my current lack of productivity, which was a great positive. The Game Jam proved that this is definitely the course which I would like to pursue however it did continue to prove that coding and 3D modelling simply do not fascinate me the way so many things in this world do. Therefore we all concluded that a Producer is just where I am likely to be, this is no bad thing indeed. 3D modelling was highly amusing simply because everything I did there was always a better way to do it. It could have been frustrating but it was instead more interesting thankfully. Though it meant the final version of the outer walls is entirely different from the earlier version and will likely continue to be…

Define Games proved to be a pain though as it requires simply more reading on Genre definitions and it would be unwise to start arguing from your own perspective, experience or research. So it is back to A-level writing and referencing, oh the joys.

Coding remains in Limbo.

As for me… Well I seem to be faring quite well thank you very much for asking, let’s pray that next week a little more will be written.

Thank you all to those who have stuck with me on the journey this far it most certainly has been interesting.


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