Engagement with Industry

To continue my engagement with the Industry I’ve been attending regular University talks and events even if they hold a semblance of relevance. For instance the talk on Avid and Envy which are both video post-production rather than video-game development. Yet this provided an insight on related industries which hold comparative data. The Employment fayre was another event that cleared my mind on doing a PGCE after graduation.

A talk from Jagex was attended including their VR demonstration. This proved insightful into some of the inner-workings of game companies and the importance of roles like Technical Artist.

To gain relevant experience in Motion Capture I opted to act for most of the Second Year CASPR week wherein I clocked over 15 hours in the Motion Capture suit performing various roles to suit the needs of the University clients.

https://homefire.itch.io/homefire – During Southampton Game Jam our team produced Homefire. On which I worked on the art work via Illustrator and maintained role of Producer to help everyone facilitate the Designer’s vision.

The latest talk this year was from Ernest Adams, who also co-wrote a textbook on which a lot of our define games work is based. He spoke about the Mechanics of love in Games Design and how often it is simply a reward process and how he believes it could be enhanced to provide a more meaningful expression of real relationships.