Career Plan

Whatever Next?

For the moment my career plan involves focusing on the degree meanwhile gaining valuable experience through the holidays, placement year and my actual job. Having just applied for the Motion Capture Technician Role at the University which is a three year secure path and if that fails I’ll be applying heavily to more computer related places such as Novatech in Portchester.

My post-University basic plan has remained the same for many years and was recently supported when attending the Guildhall Employment Fayre.  This involves completing the Degree to the best standard I can achieve and then pushing on with a part-time PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education). A PGCE is chosen because I have considered Primary Teaching for as long as I can remember due to a fantastic and inspiring headmaster in my younger days.

Taking this route will give me time to find security, prepare for working life meanwhile have the extra two years to perhaps create a start-up, settle into a job or make new contacts. It’ll help to finalise further decisions while building a true safety net that’ll cover me for the rest of my life.

Once completed a PGCE will remain on your record meanwhile also not binding you to teaching.

Not only this but due to my position, passions and pursuits it’ll be an almost assured place in Primary teaching which, if all other industry related possibilities pass away, would inspire me into perusing along the road to becoming a Headteacher.

With other options currently building, my course going swimmingly and networks rooting taking two further years of part-time study is a safe and worthwhile bet which will create a permanent safety net whilst giving that added time to take that leap of faith and try some risky start ups.