Action Plan

Who and Why

The intention of engaging with Computer Games Technology was to learn to use the tools to further a potential career in the Videogames Industry be this in Motion Capture, Voice acting, Producing, Managing or perhaps highest on that list to be Lead Designer of a project.

Current interests lie in the more creative and theoretical aspects to Games Design and the mediums place as an Art form rather than the more technical side, which perhaps should have led me into the Computer Games Enterprise. Yet because of my interest and previous engagement in managing, creating and general start-ups I thought it best to have a strong grounding and a true understanding into the actual workings and mechanisms that make the games run. With a full comprehension of such it’ll make working with the individuals to produce functional products far easier in the long run.

This does put me at a disadvantage to many of my compatriots as they have previous experience in the technical aspects such as coding whereas the best I can do at the current moment is to motivate them with acapella renditions of Snow White’s “Heigh Ho”.

It does seem that advantages do arise in such motivation as it leads into communication and therefore has gained positions such as Student Representative and it has indeed helped our Games Tech group to form a solid idea and be steaming ahead with the work on it.

Wherever Next

“All the worlds a stage” and therefore this director needs  a plan. Thankfully bases are covered and so I can safely lay out various plans to potential paths in life. First however I’m laying foundations through the course and outside of it.

Voice Acting

Due to a more artistic CV this has more potential perhaps and has been a long time fantasy but still lacks certainty and is highly competitive. With much the same procedures as above but a slight variation involving:

  • Begin and Complete LAMDA Grade 8 for Mid-2017
  • Continue Acting throughout the next 4 years
  • Continue YouTube
  • Complete Degree
  • Finally finish Grade 8 Singing
  • Experience in Radio and Vocal work

Doing vocal work has always been a passion and is something I am currently engaged with for various YouTubers and this even led to the chance to work with an Amazon bestselling author.

Producing and Managing

Both require all the skills within the course and more, this’ll either mean working my way up through industry or starting with my own or another indie company. Managing and producing projects with teams throughout the course.

Contacts will be vital for this role. Experience is essential. This’ll require a more thorough game-plan built over the years of study.

Lead Designer

Nothing appeals to me more at this stage in time than being able to produce ideas with a games company. Of course this is most peoples dream as they believe they have the next big idea but I’m willing to work to get this position. With contacts and colleagues as well there’ll be the potential for indie projects which could lead to bigger things.

This is my main game-plan and involves a combination of all of the above. To achieve it how I’d like would be to set up my own business or company and work with good people to make a game we all wish to make. This is the plan I’ll be elaborating in “Career plan – Future”.


  • Business Networker
  • Performer and public speaker
  • Confident
  • Enthusiastic and Driven
  • Experience in a wide variety of Sectors
  • Willingness to learn and gain new experience
  • Motivator

Areas of Improvement:

  • Coding Knowledge
  • Breadth of Computer Games Related skills
  • 3D modelling capabilities
  • Technical skills