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Being entirely new to Programming and Coding aside from a few sessions of HTML on Codeacademy I have been relatively pleased with the process. It is entirely logical and makes perfect sense which is handy however it also takes a lot of time, perhaps not if you’re especially good at it like some in the group. It is going to be the harder unit for me I believe due to starting from the basics and working upwards without a background in computer science. The prose of Shakespeare and Sophocles is too flowery to translate well into code so it appears this’ll be a journey worthy of Tolkien.

Typically we started with “Hello World” and understanding C++’s fundamentals using the IDE, Integrated Software Development Environment, which is Visual Studio 2013. This was incredibly basic and logical so no problems thus far.

Week 2 involved Variables and looking into the integers, floats and all the rest. This again remained logical and therefore perfectly plausible even for a computer illiterate such as myself.

Week 3 has admittedly got me re-reading to work it out. It isn’t difficult per-se but it’ll require some practice to get the workings safely nestled in my head. Hopefully this will not draw me back and begin a potential backlog. To minimise this risk I have begun attending another TOGA (Tools for Games and Animation) workshop weekly which does the same work allowing me more time to work and understand each week’s work.

Week 4 seems more up my street with Game Logic however it becomes more and more clear that despite a basic understanding for coding there isn’t a particular under-lying passion for the reams and reams of text required even with its beauty lying in the functionality.

Sadly due to illness Workshop 5 was missed but luckily attended at a later date that week. Work on it continues but an understanding seems more or less met.


So Week 5’s understanding actually dipped slightly as work progressed leaving me once again a little behind on it.

Reading code is not necessarily a problem. It makes sense when read, I understand the terms and their uses however creating my own code comes as a problem. Apparently there’s a crocodile simulator game where understanding the code is the only way to win the game, so that’ll be what I shall test myself on after the next workshop.

This reading and writing then extends to Week 6 with which work may take a while. Will be looking into getting some support for Coding because it isn’t good to be so behind on this. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a final project along my skill lines.


Continuing on the trend of 02/11 morale for coding is on a huge low. Looking to get some work done but due to time investment in other units and external activities it is hard to expend the final few free minutes of my time on coding. I will be looking to crunch it sometime soon to get more completed.

It is likely that my Artifact will be a Flappy Bird Clone as I already had an idea for an expanded version so making the initial template will be simple and effective enough an artifact to pass this unit.

The Define Games Coursework is on route to completion so after that more effort can be put into Coding and 3D Modelling.


I am now on Wednesday of my booked coding week and have begun from the beginning once again making notations of potentially necessary details alongside it. Due to the exam after it will be a major focus of the next few weeks. I’m incredibly passionate about this degree and therefore will not be wasting this exam.

Work on coding between now and the last blog was minimal but I do attend the lectures prior to the workshop, which do make sense. It is just putting it all into practice which is the problem!

Flappy Bird clone idea is a no-go apparently, especially if one is behind. This is due to the need for OpenGL which involves visual coding which is just too difficult for someone not too invested in coding. Seeing as I have a design document for a game which is incredibly text-based despite being set in a 2D environment it seems that my best bet is to use this Artefact as an opportunity to trial the story in a text-based adventure format.


Exactly a month before the last update. Coding exam has been completed but to what degree of success I have not the foggiest. Luckily what I do know in coding I know well and competently and therefore what I could answer I answered quickly and what I couldn’t it was obvious. Therefore it was extremely quick. Sadly however due to a PC upgrade not much workshop work could be done so there’s still ways to go for catching up!

At least, having laid out a design document for a very story-based game idea, this could be what I do for the coding artifact, on which I better get started as soon as the workshops are completed!