3D Modelling Artefact Research and Plan

“Another blog” I hear you cry! Well cry no longer for this is simply an update on the Research going into the 3D Modelling Artefact. It is more for myself than it is for you, dear reader, and yet I will endeavour to make it as fun and interesting as a Research project into Portchester Castle can be.

So it was that on 11/12/2016 time was found to trundle up to Portchester Castle and take the opportunity to indulge in History buff stuff. Thankfully the lady behind the counter had just completed her masters in History so was mighty helpful in finding the necessary sources and reconstructive drawings to complete the research.

What’s needed to create the model are:

  • Dimensions
  • Reference Images
  • Historic References

Well there’s sure to be more but that’s all that crosses my mind at this point!

Having collected a valuable list of sources and a guidebook from the castle, perhaps a little mead to on the side, I then took a vast variety of photos as reference. Despite the desire to revisit often because of how wonderful the castle is I probably will have to anyway in the search for dimensions. Once that is done and translated to feet we can then begin modelling the outer walls.

A breakthrough hast been reached! When flicking through the research I owned I found various drips and drabs of information pertaining to the scale and necessary details in beginning the model. So it has begun and we have the 9 acre grounds and 6.1 metre high walls in place.

Also just reading about castles just makes it all very exciting!

The plan is to create the outer walls and grounds first to get an understanding on the scale. This will be done by piecing together simple shapes. To create the D-Shaped towers the plan is to link shapes using the Boolean operator and then place them surrounding the castle.

The most complicated aspect will be the development of the Gatehouses. This will require more complicated shape based development and experimentation to create the desired effect.

Well what I have learnt here is there’s always a better way to 3D model than the way you did… Having tried so hard to model the walls there was always a new quicker method of achieving the same result. At least they call this learning I suppose!