From Memory

Once again the numpty Peter strikes back,

Not writing in this week’s doings has left me with only memory to suffice.

Let us begin!

To kick Monday off it was CASPR week which involves the Year 2’s collecting Motion Capture Data to fit into their created environment for the CASPR unit. This was great for me as it meant Monday and Wednesday were serious Motion Capture sessions. Just on Monday I performed footage for a Samurai character, a Jedi, multiple “badass” type individuals, a Boxer and all sorts of other whacky characters including Tarzan and a Lobster villian. Motion Capture, it seems, has become a new addiction of mine and I cannot wait to get back into the suit.

As usual Define Games was the lecture of the day but today we also had a meeting with our Tutor which I looked forward to since it had been a while since the last time. Sadly I don’t think I made the morning eportfolio lecture but the later Tutor meeting finalised the current plan for the next three years at University, which is great.

The rest of the evening was a positive relax period of which I sincerely cannot remember so…

Tuesday involves another 3D modelling lecture, this one about particle systems in 3D modelling programs and how they can be used and how they are made. It was a shorter and far more focused lecture which was enjoyed by pretty much everyone. After this was a planned day with my YouTube friend. We managed to marathon a game quickly and then play the new Resident Evil game (number 7) which turned out to be, for the first half, one of the best games we’d ever played.

Wednesday was even more brilliant but incomprehensibly packed. Getting up at 7 to be in the Motion Capture studio for 9am then working in there from 9-4:30. Admittedly the amount of time spent in there was never enough, I still had the energy for more. The whole thing was incredibly exciting. We motion capped Captain America, a Bipedal Lion character, an Archaeologist, a Stone Golem, a Shaolin Monk, an Angel and more. After this it was time to nip back to meet a friend quickly before running back for Choir for two hours. After choir dinner was to be cooked and eaten for fifteen minutes before off to boxing for another two hours. After that I was booked to meet the friend again with whom we attempted to finish Resident Evil. Sadly we both didn’t finish it and found the second half incredibly disappointing in comparison due to vast pacing issues and the story getting ridiculously convoluted. A late night also meant that the impending drowsiness of Thursday morning.

That drowsiness strangely never came, nor did it the next day or the next and for some reason the continued energy increase of the last two weeks maintains itself, even now. Today’s lesson was Image Creation so photoshop it was. These lectures are actually really fun for both the general chat and the actual workshop itself. Unfortunately however some people managed to convince me that I really wanted to buy Titanfall 2, which sounds both exciting and extremely expensive. Luckily for me I still have yet to purchase it. After this it was time to put down the house deposit but they didn’t have their card machine working, thankfully with the account number and the like a bank transfer could be done later that evening. Being the last one to sort it the house is officially ours. The later lecture for the Image Creation unit was about finding inspiration from anything when creating our trailer/short movie. It was entertaining but not something I personally needed though it seems other people found it helpful. A trip to the pub and then a group laboratory session ensued where a surprising amount of work actually got done. After this it was back to Resident Evil 7 and this time to complete it. So we did and then talked ourselves silly before going to bed.

Friday unfortunately contained a slight relapse due to sleep schedules but nothing too severe. My usual bacon, eggs and toast made up for it. Though because I didn’t quite make it to the lecture it involved a visit from a great friend and then a trundle up to Denmead to have a chinese with an old friend with whom I also watched “We’re the Millers” which proved to be a surprisingly good comedy for someone who isn’t that into comedies.

Saturday and Sunday were a return to Home and was a very pleasant weekend leading me onto next week’s blog!

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