Be Prepared

With less to say but plenty more done this next week more or less continues from the last beginning with discussing more of the definition of games. It was useful reading the textbook as this set both myself and another student up well to deliver our excitable definition of Video Games.

First however we had a lecture on our ePortfolio. This is a unit entirely on creating a website which gives a portfolio of completed work. Well… Suits me. This is all online and many argued the lecture didn’t need to happen as the resources are on the university ‘moodle’ page but it was necessary as without it many would be unaware of the importance of our portfolio including most who complained.

Defining Games was far more interesting with our look at current definitions of “Video Game” from philosophers, dictionaries and the industry-standard. All surprisingly are either too vague or too broad. After ten minutes of discussion we were all to present one. My compatriot was immediately triggered by the influence “fun” and “entertainment” had around the room despite the prevalence of games which instead invite experiences or training. So with great discussion we formulated one which seemed fairly solid however it remains perhaps too broad to be industry-standard.

“An interactive digital system of rules and signs, given meaning through interpretation”

Despite its focus on digital and interactivity so therefore definitely defining a game the problem lies in breadth. We attempted to define a video game and yet this could also define a Wikipedia page game or a game using texts over the phone.

We also discussed what features a game typically has and why. This led us to brushing over fundamental human needs and survival and then noticing how many games fulfilled these criteria in our lives for instance in finding shelter and gathering resources. There was also a slide showing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a general approach to our basic human needs. Other theories were presented including Roger Callois latin words suggesting the different types of games. Most of which is at least briefly mentioned in the unit textbook (Game Design and Development -Fundamentals of Game Design – Ernest Adams and Andrew Rollings).

The next few days was more of the same from last week. We investigated variables and how to avoid making mistakes in your code. Again this was fundamentals so nothing too exciting for the few veterans that littered the workshop.

Our group meeting for the project demo proved incredibly productive as our settled idea begins. This wasn’t the only time we’d meet that week as our Friday lecture involved a bonding quiz, typical ice-breaker, and a talk on Tuckman’s group theory “forming, storming, norming and performing” which he advised us to study.

Meanwhile the next drawing class came with a draw-back in my case. Freshers Flu had caused an eternal hunger. After a couple of life model forms drawn using a technique involving not looking at the paper the stomach refused further work. The things we do for food.

Speaking of Fresher’s Flu. Some have had it bad, others worse. It is unfortunate but it is likely to happen. Be prepared.

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