A Satisfying Return

So the absence is not inactivity but simply absence. Due to taking an organised week off of University there was nothing to write on University. To quickly sum up it involved preparing for the creation of a music video on that Saturday with a great friend who is a director. He did a fantastic job with our recording at Bognor Regis and the final product will eventually be uploaded and submitted to Peter Hollen’s Christmas competition. We had an amazing time. Because of this anticipation the rest of the week blazed by admittedly but there was a wonderful singing lesson and some local work which was good.

Now let’s get to the real meat of the week!

Monday I was still having my week off so I missed another lecture which was a shame but alright apparently. What I also did was sign up to another show… Thankfully this one is entirely relaxed with script in hand so it’s more a social event!

Tuesday was back to University with a bang! A busy day involving a missed 3D modelling lecture, which perhaps shouldn’t have been due to the complexity of Bevier curves and how to represent curves through Parametric representations. In short a lot of equations! Unfortunately having been unavailable I managed to hand in my first German assignment only by posting it under the door which was not accepted meaning that’s 60% marks immediately cut. A not-very-pleased-having-completed-my-assignment Peter continues to forget that I must return to re-hand it in with a cover page. I suppose that it simply must be done so next week that is task number 1. All that aside the Games Tech Demo meeting was absolutely astoundingly brilliant. The team is doing really well and it felt great to be back with them. Artur, our programmer, has been hard at work and can’t wait to show us his work. From now on we’ll also be fitting in some laboratory work to crunch those extra 3D models and assets into the demo. It’s all coming along swimmingly at this point but we are aware of the potential technical challenges. What was really great about Monday was the reunion with my wonderful friends who I have made, we all missed each other and it was nice to have a good ole pub dinner with them. Sadly I did have a German lecture that evening and had to hop off to that, which also went well. Overall an extremely satisfying return!

Wednesday however I woke up feeling strangely gruff, considering the great day prior. Either way it plodded on with a coding lecture that continued to non-plus me. But things can still be hopeful! Despite being massively behind on it there’s a chance for redemption. Today was a day for some baked beans on toast and a good cup of tea, which was most certainly had. With that lunch came some artwork which also went really well and I am pleased with the result. To round off the day I tried out the new Mount and Blade: Warband Matchmaking mod which basically pairs you with other teammates and opponents for a fight. It was good fun but slow and didn’t know how to balance the teams competently making my team a solid unit of professional EU cavalry on an open map. The other poor team couldn’t do anything. Meanwhile the next match pitched my team against a solid team of professional EU archers… stomping us and reversing the scores made from the last match…

Thursday we started our art session. Absolutely fascinating. We looked at colours and their complementing in the colour wheel which in turn could affect mood and design. This is something I’ve always found exciting and interesting, despite being colourblind which meant all those indigo’s and violet’s we were shown went straight over my head. Sadly yesterday there was a need for baked beans but perhaps having it again didn’t seem so appealing but that was all I had and so more baked beans ensued. Thankfully the next few days were a bit more exciting food wise. To all those who don’t know I also have a coding blog and a Games Tech Demo blog in the “BSc Computer Games Technology” section of this website, Thursday I updated them and intend to when I can, so do check it out! Thursday was a brilliant day more for the fact that we got a talk from Dan Pinchbeck ¬†from “The Chinese Room”, creators of “Dear Esther”, “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” and “Everybody’s gone to Rapture”. It was extremely insightful, interesting and also very much about the reality of it all. The shocked and scared faces of those behind me was a sign of this. Thankfully due to prior research it was all something I was aware of and admittedly didn’t quite have the heart to tell all those who still held such enthusiasm for it all!

Thursday it was also decided I’d be switching to Computer Games Enterprise, the more business focused side of the course, as that is far more fitting for me personally. This choice was supported by the other lecturers who knew me to which was nice. I’ll be doing this year as normal and even want to because there’s the Games Tech Demo unit which actually involves the process of developing and designing a game.

A fun evening was also had with that director friend of mine back in Bognor! We were going to try out the game “Until Dawn” when sadly the PS4 didn’t have enough room on HDD to take it in…

Friday contained a long drive back in a traffic jam on the A27 but with time left for the 10am lecture. Due to the teacher’s lateness half the class left which was detrimental to them as actually it turned into an interesting and productive lecture, beginning with apologising profusely. It prepared us for the presentation we’ll have to soon do as mid-term which gives us 10% of our final mark!

The rest of the day involved simply catching up with work and therefore feeling rather pleased and proud of myself. It also involved a good friend in the Enterprise course who has shared his timetable with me so that I can hop into some of their lectures to get that little extra bit of info on it.

So overall a very accomplished and pleasing week. No more bad sleeping, but quite a few late nights!

Thank you to all who have stayed thus far to read my blog, it’s been a pleasure writing for you all and here’s to the next few weeks.


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