A Curious Case of inConsistency

A strange week it was indeed. Highs and lows all over. After a great weekend of Reenactment we returned feeling elated. With a busy morning starting with of course the important activity of playing more The Last of Us, sadly the last time I would this entire week, which then led to preparing for my first ever Job Interview. This involved testing a collection of suit jackets all of which felt perhaps like over-dressing for a Motion Capture Technician Role, thankfully this seemed not the case for the interview. We’re always told this is the case! Unfortunately despite my confidence in being an open character my confidence in fashion is almost non-existent. So despite being told I looked good it did take effort to go out, thankfully (like with generally being confident in personality) it actually pays off to look good when going out – surprise surprise. Strange how someone who logically applies confidence to normal situations and recognises the pay-off and advantage it brings and yet cannot apply that logic to the physicality. Or of course strange for the opposite to: One who looks fantastic on the outside and remains confident in fashion yet has no inner self confidence. Our human capability for denying logic even when it is applied successfully elsewhere in our lives is most confusing.

It turned out that as I prepared for the job interview I’d lost track of a meeting with my poor Father. Luckily it all worked out in the end as we went to a rather nice little brewhouse and kitchen near Guildhall in Portsmouth for a lovely catch up talk. After which the interview went swimmingly. Rather informal and just a general chat to see what the job was about. It was all incredibly positive however I cannot know the outcome of this until Monday.

So now actually onto the Course which the blog was set up to tackle…! The Define Games lecture was a lengthy talk n the history of “Gaming Platforms” being the consoles or PCs which have defined the progress of games. The benefits for example of designing games for Xbox over an Arcade system for instance. We had a look at poor Nintendo and their release of The Nintendo Switch. Which, in my mind, does not look like something that would take off. Not only this when a room packed with 150 hardcore gamers gets asked if they’d be interested inĀ considering a Nintendo Switch a month into release only about 18, if that, put their hands up. Sadly the downside to the lecture was its length and the fact that it again was rather self-explanatory, which they did also address. A final interesting point in the lecture was to consider some games as ‘platforms’ themselves. For instance the Call of Duty games which are almost a genre in themselves now. They’re a medium on which you play that specific type of game.

Tuesday began with a lecture on modelling methods about how 3D modellers choose which way to create what you see. They also hinted that actually a model is not what you see but the data that makes it happen. This means that when asked to give the model for an item you should imply the data for it in the structures which suit your choose of method rather than the actual “model” built. This was actually slightly harder to understand than previous lectures and was some satisfying brain food that suggested the complexities of what will come later. The day also harboured a playthrough of Dark Souls 3’s new DLC which is available on my YouTube channel. Despite incredible area design and a fantastic final boss it was brought down by some strange design decisions and its unsatisfying length mixed with a non-existent conclusion which left many individuals asking “Now what” once completing the set task.

Sadly Wednesday became the beginning of a strange and seemingly lengthy time of feeling utterly awful. Seemingly lengthy because now looking back at it only being Wednesday I haven’t been feeling bad for long but instead it feels like weeks! Missing an important lecture to recover, thankfully knowing that there would be a repeat of said lecture on Friday. This does however mean I am now more or less a week behind on coding which is not good considering the work is noticeably a lot more independent and complex from now on. Wednesday did end with a fantastic Boxing session with the University boxing union which does keep me motivated for that in the future.

Thursday did go quite nicely despite still having difficulty getting motivated. More art involving charcoal which does seem to be something I can do, at some point the pictures should be uploaded to this website so keep an eye and I shall warn you when they do. Jiu Jitsu that evening also went well aside from the fact that all the submission holds previously learnt had been forgetting meaning all I could do was hold someone off as long as possible till I would go down.

Friday started with the Game Tech Demo lecture where four groups had to present their ideas. Many seemed quite professionally done however they were behind some other groups, including our own, and unfortunately the lecturer said decisions really ought to be made by this point. Due to this as our group left the lecture we quickly decided on Blender as our 3D modelling tool as it is free and our 3D modellers seemed comfortable with it despite us now learning 3DS Max. More details on this in the BSc Computer Games Technology section on this website. The rest of the day involved some concept art for a new project in Image Creation which asks us to draw concept art for a humanoid character. Mine will be a Sir Daniel Fortesque inspired character due to my love for the old Medievil franchise. If curiosity kills your cats then do google search results for Sir Daniel Fortesque and I’m sure you’ll be greeted by his affably skeletal tones.

To conclude this weeks blog it has been a strange seemingly bridge week. Now that it is over finding out whether I have this job is the first step and then to catch up/complete various pieces of work is the next or vice versa.

Fear not, passion for the course remains but it is just a case of being physically under the weather more than anything.


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