Modelling Next Year

Two weeks and no Blog, yet strangely it feels like I wrote the last one yesterday.

Despite a lot happening sadly almost none of it is written down. It’s all gotten rather on top of me, thankfully in a positive way.

Therefore let’s run through the important bits:

Boxing has become a serious priority, lots of effort and training is now going into it and it is paying off already physically as well as mentally. This is extremely exciting though it sadly does not leave much time to anything aside from Boxing and the course.

Speaking of the course I took a moment away from it to settle into this new regimen however that does not mean it is dead. After the amazing Game Jam in which we made the game “Homefire” ( and my birthday I returned to find a skewed sleep pattern but all things considered a surprisingly good week. The Enterprise Lectures were all attended and they were excellent. The Boxing practices went solidly including Friday’s Sparring which saw a much cleaner fight from my end.

The Friday 3D modelling class also proved productive with a great chat involving my Tutor about next year’s tasks. They seemed to have little concern despite my current lack of productivity, which was a great positive. The Game Jam proved that this is definitely the course which I would like to pursue however it did continue to prove that coding and 3D modelling simply do not fascinate me the way so many things in this world do. Therefore we all concluded that a Producer is just where I am likely to be, this is no bad thing indeed. 3D modelling was highly amusing simply because everything I did there was always a better way to do it. It could have been frustrating but it was instead more interesting thankfully. Though it meant the final version of the outer walls is entirely different from the earlier version and will likely continue to be…

Define Games proved to be a pain though as it requires simply more reading on Genre definitions and it would be unwise to start arguing from your own perspective, experience or research. So it is back to A-level writing and referencing, oh the joys.

Coding remains in Limbo.

As for me… Well I seem to be faring quite well thank you very much for asking, let’s pray that next week a little more will be written.

Thank you all to those who have stuck with me on the journey this far it most certainly has been interesting.


Sparring with Life

Writing about the 30th of January on the 8th of February. Sadly this is just due to not too many chances to sit and prepare a blog. Admittedly when I did have the chance the feeling was just not there. These last two weeks have been fairly interesting as they’ve rollercoastered and brought both good and bad experiences into the mix.

So let’s go:

Having woken up in Bognor Regis after perhaps the best Indian I’ve ever had as a light Birthday Celebration with a great friend of mine (that restaurant being Cardamom Bay) it was time to return to Portsmouth. The drive back was wonderfully pleasant and started an incredibly relaxed and fulfilling day. Define Games was interesting enough but afterwards I met some new course people which was great. A quick Tesco shop after for the latest shopping also kept me feeling chirpy. Boxing also proved highly entertaining as I got to speak to some new people there to as well as enjoying the good session. Before bed then began my return to Mount & Blade: Warband in an attempt to redeem my skills in aide of the UK team for the Nations Cup.

Perhaps I forgot to mention that due to memory this will perhaps be a fair bit shorter than usual!

Sadly my sleep was not particularly good on the last day of January and I felt incredibly out-of-sync. So began a strange decline for the week though the rest of the day did not see this coming. My PC was distracting me from actual work getting done but I suppose the Nations Cup training was solid. At least the LAMDA lesson proved to be extremely productive and good. Nice to continue acting a little bit. After that I visited some wonderful friends of mine before going to my usual monthly meditation group which I love dearly. I’m such an old man really! Even so upon returning I was a little restless and hungry, not being able to eat due to the Kitchen being used for “Pre-drinks”. Eventually some food was had but again another bad sleep.

Next morning continued the downward mood trend which was only alleviated slightly by a rather endearing cold shower and my usual morning stretches. One breakfast instead of two came due to a house viewing. That, at least, was marvelous and I really cannot wait to move in! After lunch involved a bit of clothes shopping where I went to buy something from Primark for the first time… Admittedly the clothes were pretty comfortable. The coding workshop exclaimed that the rest is for programmers so the focus is now on the artefact and revision. At least an amazing boxing session came in to beat some sense into me! The head coach of the Boxing Union came to see who was ready for further training and picked myself and a great friend, and some others, with whom I’m now doing sparring practice. This both nailed some sense into me and also brought out a growing fear.

The most definite need to prioritise.

So the agonising began. What should have been celebratory took a long day of misery thinking to resolve. Yet at least a conclusion was established. Thursday involved the usual Image Creation lectures but I wasn’t really feeling it. At least the work got done and the lecture was attended. Afterwards though was saved by a fantastic talk with a lovely flatmate of mine who managed to inspire me by colluding on our “Lower Middle-Class dreams” as she likes to point out. In the end though it helped me resolve that what would have to be given up would be Acting and Singing. Two massive passions of mine however ones that can be pursued throughout ones life. Singing your voice, as a male, only just matures at 27 meanwhile as a Boxer at 27 you’re getting old. It made sense now to commit to fulfilling the dream of being an Athlete and Boxing has given me this chance. So without further ado the last two days began to regain momentum. Thursday ended with a Boxing social at the local pub “The Honest Politician” which also had the Computer Games Enterprise group doing a social themselves. This was highly entertaining and led onto Friday’s main event being…

Sleeping mostly because I was exhausted. Though really it was actually the Boxing session that good friend and I went to. It turned out we’d be sparring together. To find out more about that go here:

This was a phenomenal experience and a great moment that really kickstarted me into a focus on Boxing and training.

The weekend proved equally good as I headed home for a some work and a school reunion. Both provided a great time.

So there we have it, let’s hope that this next week keeps up the game!